Department of Relations

The Department of Relations at Kurdistan Institution arranges, develops and manages relationships, twining and collaborations with a range of other Universities and Institutes around the world in order to cooperate and collaborate with each other in scientific and academic areas such as conducting researches together, organizing joint conferences and workshops. Further, The Department of International Relations is in charge of arranging for delegations from Kurdistan Institution to visit other Universities and vice versa. The main responsibilities of the Department of International Relations are:

  • Preparing annual leave plans for the research centres and directorates
  • Executing the lecturers’ documents with regards to forming up delegations in order to participate in conferences, conducting researches, training courses, exchanging information and official visits
  • Consolidating the relationships with the other universities outside the country
  • Completing the foreign guests’ documents and affairs before their arrival and during their staying the country

International Partnerships

Kurdistan Institution has international partnerships with the the below universities and institutes across the world: