Optic lab.

Optics Laboratory at Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research provides solid models for optics. This is an advanced feature available in very few programs. Optics Laboratory includes automatic optimization. This feature varies selected parameters of the optical system (such as lens radii, glass type, and thickness) to produce the best possible image.

Furthermore, this Laboratory allows simulation of opto-mechanical devices with control signals developed from simulated detector outputs (quad cell, CCD, and single detectors). Position, tilt, and other parameters may be controlled. Analog or digital filters may be specified for developing the control signals. The output is displayed in an oscilloscope style display. Rays are traced through the optical system, the control signals are calculated, and then the position or tilt of the optical element is updated. The user-selected outputs are displayed and then the whole process is repeated.

The Optic lab. includes the following equipments:

  • Scanning Electron
  • Microscope
  • XRD
  • Transmit
  • Binocular
  • Microscope