Environment Lab

The Environmental Laboratory at Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research tests postgraduate students and researchers’ samples for trace chemical compounds and pollutants. Environmental chemists at this laboratory operate state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, testing to government, regulatory, and industry standards. Meanwhile, the analytical capabilities of the Environment Laboratory includes trace and ultra-trace analysis for hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, metals, contaminants, and other materials. In addition, Environmental laboratory testing expertise: CO2 emission calculation, contamination analysis, elemental trace analysis, emissions testing, environmental microbiology consultancy and testing, industrial plant environmental monitoring and safety, trace analysis, RoHS Testing, REACH testing, scientific assessments and reviews, sludge, residue and unknowns analysis, soil testing, soil and environmental analysis for pharmaceutical contamination, and water quality testing.

The Environment Lab includes the following equipments:

  • Atomic absorption(AA200)
  • Flow injection system
  • HPLC
  • UV/VI S spectrometer
  • Portable physico chemical
  • Portable trace element
  • Petro Sense (PHA)