Free Doctoral Program at University of Oklahoma - USA

Free Doctoral Program at University of Oklahoma - USA


Education in the biomedical sciences today does not easily fit within traditional Departmental boundaries.  At the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, seven Graduate Departments and Programs have created a first-year, interdisciplinary curriculum, the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (GPiBS), to prepare students for career choices in the biomedical sciences.


  • No Application Fee
  • Up to Six, 6-week Lab Rotations
  • Seven Participating Graduate Programs 
  • >135 Graduate Faculty Mentors
  • $26,000 Annual Stipend 
  • Paid Health Insurance ($3,500 Annually)
  • Paid Tuition & Fees ($9,000 Annually)

Curriculum: Students admitted to GPiBS enroll in a uniform fall curriculum, which includes four sequential courses that cover basic elements of each participating program. During the spring semester, students enroll in a number of modular courses offered by the departments and programs, and choose among a variety of different specialty areas.

Rotations: During both semesters, students also participate in 6-week long lab rotations with faculty mentors of their choice. Three such rotations are required, though six rotation sessions are available. GPiBS students will spend their mornings in class and their afternoons in the lab getting hands-on experience. This allows the students ample time in a variety of labs to make an educated decision on which graduate program and mentor they wish to complete their Ph.D. studies with. This decision is made at the end of the spring semester.

Benefits: The GPiBS program has no application fee, pays each student a $26,000 yearly stipend, provides health insurance ($3,500), pays all tuition and fees ($9,000),  provides access to the student health and wellness clinic, and access to the student fitness club. All students who are in good academic standing, meet the requirements of the program, and attend all mandatory functions will keep these benefits throughout their time in graduate school at OUHSC.

Mentors: The interdisciplinary nature of this program combines the expertise of over 120 participating faculty from seven departments and programs and provides students with the breadth of knowledge and technical acumen that is highly sought in todays competitive job market.

Careers: Students will graduate with a PhD degree from one of the participating programs to prepare them for careers in academic or government research, teaching, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, health management, science administration, regulatory offices, patent law, science policy , science communication. 

Below is a list of the available PhD programs GPiBS students can choose from after completing their first year in GPiBS:

For more information, please contact the representative of Kurdistan Institution for Stategic Studies and Scientfic Research at the University of Oklahoma:


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